Business Information
Business Details
Business Name: Business ID: 0299324
Business Type: Foreign Limited Liability Company Business Status: Active
LLC Subtype: Manager Managed    
Date of Incorporation / Registration Date: 01/31/2015  
Fiscal Year Month: 12
NAICS Code: 54-Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services NAICS sub code: 350-Building Inspection Services
Designated Office Business Address: 3 School House Ln, Suite 2, Etna, NH, 03750, USA Designated Office Mailing Address: PO Box 175, Etna, NH, 03750, USA
Citizenship / Domestic Jurisdiction: Foreign/NH Last Annual Report Year: 2017
Last Report Filed: 02/15/2018 Next Filing Due Date: 01/01/2019
Principals Information
Name/Title: Physical Address:
Dale E. Shriver, II/Manager 3 School House Ln, Suite 2, Etna, NH, 03750, USA
Registered Agent Information
Physical Address: 5319 MAIN STREET, MANCHESTER CENTER, VT, 05255, USA
Mailing Address: PO BOX 1091, MANCHESTER CENTER, VT, 05255, USA
Agent Type: Registered Entity
Other Addresses:
Address in the State of Formation: 4 Woods End Rd, Etna, NH, 03750, USA
Trade Name Information
No Trade Name(s) associated to this business.
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